Jeans and a Pinterest Fail.

Hi!  It’s 11:30(ish) and I am exhausted, so instead of rocking your world with my own highly entertaining and intellectual prose tonight, I am going to refer you elsewhere.  However, I am kind of dying to tell you about the drama in my neighborhood, which involves chickens, a rooster, an  autistic person, some 50-somethings acting like Mean Girls, some other 50-somethings acting crazy, and more.  I know you two readers of this here blog are just dying for that, but I don’t have it in me tonight.

Instead, I’m going to make you read this girl’s posts about how to find the right pair of jeans, and you will like it.  I promise.   Because I’m on the fluffier side of the weight spectrum, I personally found her post, How to Find Great Plus-Sized Jeans the most enlightening.   Scroll down to the end of her post (dare I say, the “bottom”, har har?) for links to other jeans-related posts that might be more relevant to your own body.  Or, click here for all of her jeans-related posts to show up on your screen at one time.

You’re welcome.  Now, who wants to go off in search of a Maurice’s and a Torrid with me?

In other news, I tried making Crispy Cheddar Chicken this week, which I found on Pinterest.  I was too lazy to hunt through my Pinterest board to find the precise recipe I used, and instead just googled it, so here I am, linking to another person’s blog post about how much she and her family loved this meal.  Ha ha.  I have no clue what I did wrong, but mine wasn’t crispy!  I think the milk and cheese made the cracker crumbs soggy.  It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t divine either.  Nor was it Weight Watchers-friendly, so there’s that, too.  Better luck next time, Pinterest.

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One Response to Jeans and a Pinterest Fail.

  1. Christine says:

    Hooray you’re blogging again!

    So no words of advice on the chicken, but skip that babysitter. Sure I find most coworkers irritating. And when I babysat all the kids could be irritating, but only a damn fool would say that to the parent(s). Plus snooping, no bueno.

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