In which I decide to stop heading all my posts “In which…”

I guess I don’t actually plan to talk about how I’ve decided to stop heading all my posts “in which…”  I kind of wish I didn’t have to come up with a title for every single post all the time.  Titles aren’t my forte.

Guess what!  I’m hungry!  Today was my first official day counting points and it turns out that right now, at 11:33 pm, my body is accustomed to eating a bunch of random shit.  Oh, guess what else!  I’ve decided to stop caring whether I cuss too much in my blog.  I think I stopped cussing on here when I thought I was going to become a teacher sooner rather than later, and now it’s looking like it’ll be later rather than sooner, and…oh, never mind. I could be wrong, and then I’ll have to get all paranoid about whether it’s respectable for an English teacher to pepper her blog posts with, shall we say, colorfully expressive and unladylike words.  So…my body is accustomed to eating a bunch of random junk at this hour of the night.  At 3 pm, I was out of points for the day.  THREE.  Fear not – I did not starve myself, and in fact ate some delicious (albeit crustless) quiche at the home of a friend who is both vegetarian and embarking on her second week of the South Beach diet.  Thank God for the flex points, I say.  Well, for flex points and the fact that I’m also significantly cutting back on my wine consumption.  (Things had gotten a bit out of control.  There’s something about being a stay at home mom to two wild boys that makes a girl want to drink wine – lots of wine – every night.)  I have a feeling I would lose weight simply by limiting my wine consumption to only weekends.  Ha ha.

Enough about my adventures in dieting, though.  Let’s talk about books.  First of all, Hollywood has apparently been paying attention to my reading lists, because several books that I’ve read are being made into movies.  One of my Facebook friends posted this Buzzfeed link.  Let’s talk about these books, shall we?  Actually – I’m mostly just going to talk about the ones I’ve read.

(1) Labor Day, by Joyce Maynard.  I haven’t read this one, or any of the author’s books, but I recognized her name and just did a google search and yup, I remember her name from my obsessed-with-JD-Salinger days in high school.  After reading this article, I just find her curious.  Maybe it’s time to read one of her books, since I’ve also resolved to read 50 books this year.

Aside: Oh, hey!  Yeah!  Add that 50 book resolution to my list from yesterday!

(3) Winter’s Tale, by Mark Helprin.  Holy crap!  I read this beautiful book a billion years ago (okay, probably more like 15).  Correction: I read about half this book a billion years ago.  That first half flew for me, as I flipped from one beautiful page to the next, entranced.  Then, suddenly, I lost interest and never tried to read it again.  Side note: this one is 768 pages long.  Oof.

(5) A Long Way Down, by Nick Hornby.  Read it.  Loved it.  Love Nick Hornby.

(7) The Fault in Our Stars, by John Greene.  What a gorgeous, tragic book.  Read this book if you want a good cry.   I predict this movie will be the Steel Magnolias of 2014, not because it will be all Southern and involve Dolly Parton or anything, but because it will be a movie that makes you bawl no matter whether you start it at the beginning or an hour and a half into it, and yet, people will still adore it.

(10) Dark Places, by Gillian Flynn.  Read and loved Gone Girl, and just recently read Sharp Objects, which I sort of liked but mostly found a bit too predictable.  Curious to see where this one falls on the spectrum, and will probably read it soon, especially since I read Sharp Objects in one day and that kind of speed helps me out with my 50 book resolution.  Sweet!

(11) This Is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper.  I don’t know how I went so long without knowing Jonathan Tropper, but I read this one a few years ago and it was the first in a line of several of Tropper’s books.  I have a mad crush on Jonathan Tropper, and I say that without knowing what he looks like.  Ergo: I’d like to see this film.

(13) Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.  Sheesh.  Gillian must be over the moon (and raking in the $$).  Two books made into movies in the same year?  Dayumn!  I hope this one transfers well to the big screen, because I thought it was a really fun read.

(16) Serena, by Ron Rash.  I do not understand how they’re going to make this movie and not make it an “adult” film, because in the book, George and Serena Pemberton had so much sex that I had a hard time suspending my disbelief (that link is to my Goodreads review).  Still, I bet this becomes an exciting film.  I’ll look forward to this one, too.

Phew!  That was a lot of book talk for one day.  My growling stomach and I are going to bed.


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  1. Alice says:

    Nice. You did all the homework for me and now I don’t have to research my own reading list. I read Labor Day a couple of weeks ago. You can have my copy. It was good. Well written I thought and suspenseful.

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