In Which I Am Lazy

You know what?  Almost every day, I think about various things I should blog about.  And every day, the clock ticks along until I realize it’s way past my bedtime and I have no idea where the time is going.  I mean, yes, I do – I get it – I’m taking care of two kids – one who is an infant and, you know, needy like an infant is, and the other who I’m pretty convinced has at least a little bit of OCD.  Or something.  Or hell, maybe all toddlers are just crazy like this (but I don’t think so.  but then, sometimes I do think so.  oh, whatever.)

Here’s an example of my kid’s OCD.



Every morning, he lines up Thomas, the train cars, and all of the other trains’ tenders.  In this particular order.  Earlier this week, he had a massive freak out over the fact that Emily’s tender (the dark green one) was missing and that meant Henry’s tender (the kelly green one) would have to be directly adjacent to Hank’s tender (navy) instead of having Emily’s between the two.  This is crazy, yes?  Oh, and if you’re wondering, the tender is the little cart with coal in it. Although we own a small fortune’s worth of Thomas & Friends trains, my kid prefers to play just with Thomas and the tenders and a variety of train cars from crappy little off-bran trains.  Let this be a lesson to you, Moms of Boys: it’s a really good idea to wait and see what your kid is into before you buy a lot of crap thinking he’s going to love it.

Anyway, here’s the list of topics I’ve meant to write about (and still might write about) over the last couple months:

(1) My fear of what will happen to my kids if I croak and my inability to decide who to bequeath them to.  I know “bequeath them to” is inappropriate in this context, partly because nobody bequeaths her kids and partly because OMG I just ended a sentence with a preposition (although I’ve read that’s becoming more acceptable, which is SO SO wrong!!!), but I like saying it.  So, there.

(2) Why I’m unashamed to admit to formula-feeding Cubbie Bear from Day 1, and why it’s awesome, and why anyone who thinks otherwise can bite me.

(3) My irrational feeling that everyone’s appendix is a ticking time bomb.

(4) The great Stay-At-Home-Mom vs. Career Mom decision/debate/whatever, and my thoughts on it all.

(5) My obsession with strollers, and why I’d own at least 8 if Wilbur would allow it.

(6) Oh, hey, did I mention we are moving?  Yeah.  Potential Topic #6 is all about why I don’t recommend buying a house, selling a house, and moving with a toddler and an infant.

(7) My kid’s obsession with his penis.  (Seriously – he says, “Oh, HI, PENIS!!!” when I open his diaper.)

(8) Various arts & crafts/Pinterest things I’ve done with my toddler and why I do or do not recommend doing them again.

(9) Various recipes I’ve made that I found on Pinterest.  Like this one.  Holy hell, this one was delicious.  My new favorite.  But I made it with ground chicken, not beef.

(10) Having a husband with anxiety issues who denies he has anxiety issues (and thus doesn’t treat his anxiety issues)

(11)  My Instagram series entitled Wines Chosen by My Two-Year-Old.  I kind of love it.  Do I just love it because I get to drink all those wines?  Possibly.

I think that’s it.  So…what do you want to hear about first?






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3 Responses to In Which I Am Lazy

  1. cheryl says:

    WINE. but that’s just me and my bias…..especially if there are deep bold reds that are actually available in this crazy state…even better if they are in my town’s store which is tiny and has a poor selection of decent $10-15ish bottles (but I do realize your toddler cannot determine which wines said store might have and which require going a town over).

    I totally relate to thinking of but not actually writing posts (though my distracting factor isn’t nearly as adorable as yours!!). I have one topic in particular that you would appreciate since it involves a note I found on the ground and how impossibly distraught it made me that the author (either a junior or senior in HS) wrote about “love at first cite” and the many things he would “remeber” (a spelling used three times).

  2. Alice says:

    I vote #2 and #4, but maybe not #7. Bear may never speak to you if he stumbles across that on the webosphere one day…

  3. marty says:

    I vote #s 2 and 4, also 6 and 10. (Because I just moved with a 2.5yo and 6 month old, and I have anxiety issues. Treated, though. Mostly.)

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