In which I make you feel a lot better about the way you look in the morning

I’m the kind of tired that makes a girl wonder why on earth she’s picking up blogging again instead of taking a nap, but here I sit, catching up on TV and messing around on the internet instead.  I can’t explain this.   Not to mention that if I’m going to be awake while the kidlets are asleep, I should TOTALLY be packing up clutter, but I just can’t make myself do it today.  So here I sit.

Speaking of catching up on TV, is anyone out there watching the new Dallas?  It’s completely ridiculous and I love it.  I grew up watching the old Dallas with my family.  I’m pretty certain I didn’t understand most of what I saw, but apparently I have a deep and abiding love of Texas drama as a result.  I’m also completely obsessed with The Americans – and I have to say, that’s a show that is actually worthy of my obsession in a non-ridiculous sense.  You must watch it.

Also, I can’t stop eating.  Dare I vow to figure that little problem out tomorrow (instead of right now) instead of going to the kitchen to get another handful of pretzels?  Yeah, I dare.

Anyway.  Wanna feel better about the way you look in the morning?

We had some painters here doing some work on the trim on the front of our house this weekend. They arrived at 7 a.m. on Saturday.  I’d been awake since 4 with the baby, who I don’t think I’ve given an alias yet.  We can’t just call him “Baby”, right?  Stay tuned for that (or feel free to suggest something.  If Kid #1 is Baby Bear, maybe Kid #2 should be Wee Bear?  Or Cubbie?).  I digress.  What I’d started to try to explain is that I’d been up for 3 hours already when they arrived at 7, and I was TIRED.  I answered the door in pajamas, a robe, and glasses, with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup on, and just generally looking like crap on a cracker.  (I apologized for my appearance and explained I’d been up with an infant, but still.)   We exchanged pleasantries and I went back to my business, leaving them to their house beautification project.

The next time I saw them was a couple hours later, as I was on my way out to take Baby Bear to his very first swimming lessons without a parent in the pool with him.   More pleasantries were exchanged, and as I walked away, one of the painters said, “Hey, you look just like your mom, by the way.”

I said, “How do you know my mom?  She lives in Florida!”

He said, “Oh, I’m sorry.  I thought you were a different person than who came out to talk to us this morning.”


He thought I was someone else.  Not just someone else – someone 30 years older than myself.

I think I’m probably supposed to be offended or upset by this, but instead, I think it might be the funniest thing that has ever happened to me.  I don’t even wear a lot of makeup!  I feel like I’m a character in a teen drama where the nerdy girl is miraculously transformed into a cool, pretty, popular girl simply by letting her hair down and removing her glasses. (You know, like in this movie.)  If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

I don’t have pictures of that particular day’s transformation, but I do have pictures of the adorableness that was Baby Bear’s swim class.  Wanna see?

Jonah swim

He kept poking his head over the side of the pool and going, “Mommy?  Mommy?  [Baby Bear] in pool!  In pool!”







swim classHere’s the whole class.  Baby Bear is the one second from the right.  I’m pretty sure he’s examining the ripples in the water.





It was all so adorable!  We’ll see if he actually learns anything or if he spends all six weeks of class poking his head over the pool to find his mommy.

I’m off to drink my ninetieth Diet Coke of the day and take advantage of what’s left of naptime by packing a few more boxes if I can.  Lest you all think I’m neglecting the wee one, here’s a gratuitous OMG THAT BABY IS ADORABLE shot for you.  Because he is indeed adorable.  And if he looks enormous, that’s because he is.  Mama’s little overachiever is often mistaken for a 3 or 4 month old despite the fact that he’s only 6 weeks old.  He’s in the 100th percentile for height, 87th for weight, and 93rd for noggin!


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2 Responses to In which I make you feel a lot better about the way you look in the morning

  1. flurrious says:

    I’m trying to remember if I knew you were even pregnant again, much less that you have a new little boy. I’m not on Facebook, so I miss pretty much everything. In any event, congratulations on the new wee one! And both boys are very cute.

    My experience with painters is that they are just generally sort of dumb. Maybe it’s the fumes. A few years ago, I was having my kitchen painted and my mom came over for a bit. After she left, the painter said, “I didn’t know you were Asian.” Then about two minutes later he asked me if I liked Bruce Lee movies. I think after that I went to my office and slammed my head into my desk a few dozen times.

  2. This is hilarious. I love you.

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