In which I remember I have a blog.

Oh hi, Internets!  You know what is embarrassing?  Visiting your blog for the first time in months, only to be reminded that your last post was a soul-baring whiney one that has been sitting up at the top of the “recent posts” list for three solid months.  Meep!  I really love how I said I’d post when I was less pathetic, then didn’t make a peep for a long time.


I promise, I haven’t been whiney and sad and fighting with Wilbur all this time.

I’m attempting to type this on my phone, which is a giant pain in the neck, and the baby is finally back asleep, so I’m going to give up on writing now.  I’m also going to give up on promising to write more soon. We have a lot going on around here.  We have a new baby (who is beautiful and wonderful and a complete angel!)!  And we bought a house and are therefore scrambling to pack up our current house so we move get it on be market!  I think we might be insane to try to do this while also adjusting to being a family of 4!

So…more later.  Maybe.


(I’d include a photo of the baby, but have no clue hi to do such things from my phone, so alas, you will have to wait.  Boo hoo!)


also?:?  I just fell asleep typing, which is how those question marks got there.  Clearly, I need to try to catch a few more winks before the next feeding time!




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  1. Something’s in the water – we’re all coming back at the same time! Glad to read your voice here. Get some rest!!! And hey, share more pictures of that cute baby!

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