Pinterest is making me a monster

Some days, I love Pinterest.  Others (such as today), I want to beat it with a heavy stick.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have about nineteen billion projects in the works right now.  Eighteen billion of those projects are related to the Bear’s 2nd birthday bash extravaganza, which would probably just have been a party if I hadn’t seen (on Pinterest) examples like this and this and decided I need to DIY a lot of the stuff these people did.  Did you note the part where I say I’m DIY-ing it?  That means I downloaded a free 30-day-trial of Photoshop and learned how to design my own invitation.  Yes, yes I did.  And decorations.  And street signs.  And favor tags.  Oh, and then photo liners for my invitation envelopes, like Pinterest directed me via this link.  And maybe this awesome light-up street sign.  (I say “maybe” because, I’m afraid I might be in a little over my head on this one.  I own a drill, but have never used it.  And Wilbur has less of a clue how to use one than I do.  What the hell am I thinking here?)

It should be noted that when I say I have these projects in the works, I mostly just mean that I bought all the crap for them.  Hoo boy.

Plus, somewhere along the line, I decided I needed several kids tables so I’d have kid-accessible places to have all the games.  I’ve been trolling craigslist for tables like it’s my job.  So far, I’ve bought two, and Wilbur says NO MORE TABLES, LARA-BEE.  I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to heed this ban on table-buying or not.  The Lara-Bee Goes Even Crazier part is that I decided I needed to paint these tables in primary colors so they’d be extra cute.  I checked out this handy little set of instructions and decided it was going to be super-easy to do.  Guess what?  It turns out that it’s a lot easier to read a set of instructions than it is to actually execute the elements of them.

This afternoon, I set out to tackle step 1: sand your furniture.  Hahahaha.  I campaigned all weekend for Wilbur to buy me a palm sander, with no success, so I borrowed one.  I can safely say he was right to want to save the $30-$40, because you know what?  It turns out that I don’t enjoy sanding.  My hand is still tingling.  And it is messy, messy business.  And hey, it’s probably a good idea to wear something you don’t like very much when sanding, since I was covered in dust when I was done.  And I’m not sure I’m really done, because my piece might not be sanded enough and I sure as heck don’t feel like hand-sanding the parts I couldn’t get to with my borrowed sander.  Here’s hoping the primer manages okay without it.  I found myself looking at the table after I sanded the top slab (the easy part) and thinking, “Hey, maybe I should just leave the legs as they are…”

I know what you’re thinking: it’s a kids table, who gives a hoot?

I’m kind of thinking that, too.  But I shall persevere!

I’m ridiculous.

In other news, I’m doing Weight Watchers again, but this time I’m actually going to meetings instead of just doing it online.  And so far, it’s working.  I’ve lost 5.2 pounds in 3 weeks.  Go me!  Slow & steady wins the race, yes?

Your turn!  Tell me: what ridiculous thing have you seen on Pinterest and set out to do?

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