Once again, I have resolved to start blogging again.  You know, once every 6 months or so, ha ha.  And once again, I had an idea of what to write about this morning and now that I’m sitting here with the laptop open, I don’t have a clue what that idea was.  I think I get flakier every day.

I’m sitting here watching my over-tired child (who is supposed to be napping) in the video monitor as he allegedly attempts to nap, but really is playing with his pacis and his glow-worm (which is really a seahorse, but I call it a glow-worm).  GO TO SLEEP, Baby Bear!  And I am exhausted.  EXHAUSTED.  I slept a good 8 hours last night (woohoo!) and yet I’m still just totally and completely pooped.  As much as I would love for my Bear to have a sibling, I fear I may be too tired for that.  I should have had kids when I was younger.

Enough whining, though.  Is anyone out there reading?  If so, I am sorry for this incredibly lame post.  Let’s talk about fun things, okay?  Like: PINTEREST!!  It’s my new obsession!  I lurve it!!  Except!  I get all these awesome ideas for projects to do and things to make, and I go out and buy all the stuff to do them, and then that stuff clutters my house and I don’t actually get anything done.

For instance: The Enormous Heart Wreath!  Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

(You can find instructions for making this here.)

Looks awesome, yes?  I started this little project a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, except I couldn’t find a heart-shaped foam wreath anywhere.  There was a national shortage, it seemed: no Michael’s or Jo-Ann had them, even online.  I finally found this place and ordered a few, thinking (loftily) that I would make them for a couple of friends, too.  When the wreaths arrived, though, they were all broken.  Every last one of them.  I finally ended up on this site (I think…it looks like the one I used, at least), and by that time, I decided if I was going to be paying for shipping, I may as well go big.  Very big.  I bought a 3-foot heart in addition to two smaller ones.  When the small ones arrived, they looked more like teardrops than hearts, so I decided to go whole hog and commit to the giant one.

Except here we are, well into March, and I’m only half-committed to this thing.  Or, really, 1/3-committed.

Sorry it is sideways.  I’m too lazy to go back and rotate it.  Anyway, I think when I finally finish this thing it is going to have to be a permanent fixture in our house, even though it’s really kind of a giant cat-hair catcher.  I shall call it the Enormous Wreath/Gargantuan Cat-Hair Catcher.  That’s a nice, catchy name, no?

SO anyway, PINTEREST!  Isn’t it amazing?  I can waste hours on that site.  What has inspired you lately, or what ridiculous crafts have you only partially completed?


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2 Responses to Hi!

  1. Cathy says:

    I remember you talking about this wreath — how is it coming? :)

    • lara-b says:

      Ha. It has been moved to a closet. I suppose I should drag it back out and aim to finish the damn thing by Valentine’s this year!

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